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Email Marketing Techniques 2010 – Avoiding SPAM-Words. Lists included.

Hi friends, Let’s talk a little bit about SPAM. About its right side this time. This will help you with getting higher open-rates and click-through-rates. Good, so how do ISPs block SPAM emails? There are two ways – first one is about a database with blacklisted emails, senders’ IPs, and messages flagged as spam by […]

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Email Marketing Techniques 2010 – Triggered Emails vs. Broadcast Emails. Getting 30% higher Open Rates.

Hi friends, There are two main “styles” of  email marketing campaigns: first one is broadcast email—a uniform message sent to everyone on the list, and the second is triggered email—a message triggered by an event, time, or an action sent to a specific person for a specific reason (I mean highly personalized). The real power […]

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Corporate Security 2010 – Data Loss Prevention Statistics and Trends for 2010-2011

Hi guys! Corporate Data Security and Data Loss Prevention statistics shock us everytime we got new reports. But every shock brings us closer to the creation of the perfect DLP and corporate security solution. That’s how we are upgrading our StaffCop and Security Curator software. This time we got “2010 CDW Security Straw Poll: Data […]

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Social Media 2010 – 7 Assets of Successful Social Media Enterpreneur

Hi friends, Starting with 2010 is the time for Email Marketing and Social Media salvation. Becoming leader in Email Marketing gives you +1000 handicap for Social Media success, and other way round. We’ve talked much about email marketing strategies, success stories, tips and tricks, and it’s real pleasure for me to talk sometimes about social […]

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Email Marketing 2010 – Email Statistics Report – Forecast for 2010-2014

Hi friends, Hope you’re doing really well. As we all know, email account is something constant for us nowadays, and it’s as personal and unique as your phone number. Email correspondance is the normal way for corporate information exchange. Here is a short excerpt from Email Statistics Report with a Forecast for 2010-2014. Hope you […]

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Email Marketing 2010 – Your Personal Email Valentines – A-class Email List Subscribers

Hi Guys, Let’s discuss email lists and subscribers again. I know it’s basics, but this time we have some tricks and tips even for basics. On any email list, there will be three populations: the people who love you – let’s call them Email Valentines, the people who like you – just like it’s on […]

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