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Sending Bulk Email Messages to Harvested or Bought Email Lists

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing well! Many of you asked me about the legal aspect of sending bulk email messages to harvested or bought email lists. Does it fit CAN-SPAM act rules? And the answer is YES, you can send your bulk email campaigns to lists you have harvested, crawled, bought, or whatever-that’s-not-opt-in, because here […]

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Extracting Emails from Twitter – 100 email addresses per minute

Here is my video on how to extract email addresses from Twitter. I used latest Atomic Email Hunter 7.0 software which allows extracting 100 emails per minute. Please enjoy If you have a free minute or two, do check out all the amazing features our extractor has on offer! And don’t forget to try extract […]

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11 Tips to Maximize Your Christmas Email Campaigns

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Christmas is coming and we all know how important this time is for all kind of marketing channels, and email marketing is not the exception, even more – it’s one of the best marketing channels to use for Christmas marketing campaigns! I will tell you how you can use […]

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Top Web Hosting Tools – Hundreds of Software and Tools for Your Needs

Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great! Today I would like to provide you with an extra useful piece of info – we all know how different tools and software are important, but sometimes it’s so hard to find the right one. Recently StaffCop and MassMailSoftware have been included into a great listing of Top Tools […]

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How to Design Emails for Mobile Email Campaign – Distinctions Between Mobile and PC Recipients

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing great. I would like to share few techniques on how to design emails for mobile email campaign. Year is moving to its end, and Christmas time is one of the best times for email campaigns – special offers, discount and greetings delivered by email. All this can generate a lot […]

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4 Ways to be Your Subscriber’s Best Friend

Friends are one the most precious things in our life. We just can’t imagine ourselves without our friends.  So are email marketers – they can’t imagine themselves without their subscribers, and it’s extremely important to treat your subscribers as they would be your friends, as this is a gold of Email Marketing kingdom. I would like […]

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TOP 15 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great!  As we all know internet marketing and world wide web are developing so fast these days and we can never know what kind of techniques will drive conversions next year or which niche will be the most profitable next year. Today I want to provide you with TOP 15 […]