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Atomic Lead Extractor – Extracting Leads Has Never Been So Easy!

Hi Marketers! What is the cornerstone of a good marketing campaign? Right, leads. We have released a product called Atomic Lead Extractor – extracting leads has never been so easy. Just enter keywords, or specify a website or websites and lead extractor will provide you with tons of leads, including emails, names, phone numbers, IM […]

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5 Quick Email Design Tips

Hey email marketers, Hope all is well. As we all know there are few cornerstones of email marketing – email list, email marketing software, and content. Under content I mean design, texts, ads, graphics, and more. What I want to discuss today is email design – few tips and tricks on how to make your […]

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Avoiding SPAM-filters – TOP 4 Ways to reduce the SPAM-tagging of your mailings

As we all know, not each SPAM-tagged email is spam, as the users usually mark most of the unwanted emails as Spam, even if they susbscribed to some service or newsletter before. So such SPAM-tagging may really harm your email marketing campaigns – email service providers use filters, that block often spam-tagged emails, and this […]

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8 Social Media Questions Every Email Marketer Should Ask Himself

Hey friends, So nice to prepare a fresh post for you, as I enjoyed my vacation last week. As we all know summer is like a trigger for social network visitors – summer boosts social network and social media activity: vacations, events, summits, etc, – so many info to submit to social networks and share. […]

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Email Marketing Motivation – Which Technologies are Used to Deliver Your Email to Subscriber

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all are sending thousands emails to our subscribers each and every month, and we do follow some “rules” to avoid black-listing and spam filters. I would like to provide you with the exact scheme and steps of an ordinary email delivery: marketers-2-subscribers. So which technologies are used to […]

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Email Marketing Statistics: Email Open Rates and Click-Through Rates 2010-2011

Subject Lines: Emails with shorter subject lines tend to outperform those with longer lines: Subject lines of 4-15 characters generated a 14.1% open rate, whereas those containing 51 or more characters had the least amount of opened emails (9.9%). The highest click rates were generated by emails with subject lines between 16 and 27 characters […]

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Leave a Comment/Testimonial regarding our Products and get FREE ExpertGuideSeries Ebook

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! We need your support on getting more testimonials or comments regarding our Products, so we can make them even more better. Your kind words is an award for us. Make us happy and receive one of these cool ebooks. You can leave your Testimonial/Comment right here in the comment […]