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    Bulk SMS for a Startup: How to Organize Business Promotion from Scratch

    Sending SMS helps the business to quickly interact and convert the target audience into customers, which is approved by 20 years of experience in the Atomic SMS services.

    What Was Happening to Email Marketing During 2022?

    We have inquired with marketers about the 2020 email marketing highlights & challenges. Which changes were brought by the pandemic, and what the mailers changed? If you’d like to find out what 2020 email marketing trends will more likely to prevail in the next years then read this article!

    Email Design Trends 2023: Scoop By Scoop

    Give your email design strategy a fresh makeover with the key email design trends to look for in 2021. Stay with us to make your efforts research-backed and result-driven for your next email campaign.

    In Search of Inspiration: The Best 2023 New Year Email Messaging Samples

    Why should emails have a unique and effective design? It’s simple: if your competitors have learned how to create engaging content, you also need something special to attract the user’s attention. Design is a great tool to do this and supreme your competitors. In this article, we’ve gathered some of the five most inspiring email design ideas to boost your campaign. The use of these samples will help to brighten your letters and reveal more about the principles that will help raise your emails’ design – both for New Year’s and for any other campaigns. How to start your email […]

    Marketing Horoscope 2021

    The Year of the White Metal Ox will soon come and hit. Unlike the cunning Rat, the Ox is hardworking and reliable, which means 2021 will bring significant professional sphere changes to everyone who’s hardworking and persistent. So, marketers, be ready for a new fruitful year.

    4 Tips for 2023 on How to Add Background Images in Email Template

    Images are great attention-catchers and it’s extremely important to use them the right way. When it comes to backgrounds, you get additional layering possibilities and you can place the key message on top of background images. Read the article to learn basic tips on how to implement background images in a newsletter.

    Summing Up 2020. Best Email Marketing Articles

    2020 is ending and it’s time to sum up. We’ve analyzed our articles in 2020 and collect the most popular and important posts that help to have a successful email campaign in 2021! Read the article to have an effective mass mailing!

    Checklist of holiday SMS&Email campaigns audit

    There are many holidays during November and December. It is extremely important to create Email and SMS campaigns that bring clients happiness and you profit. That’s why we prepare the checklist with elements that your campaigns should include. Read the article and check whether your emails or SMSes have all needed elements.

    How to create a holiday SMS campaign. Step-by-step guide. Part 3

    Here is the third article from our series for the holidays. In this one, we will show you the examples of holiday bulk SMS for businesses in different areas. Read, get inspired, and grow your business together with AtomPark Software!

    How to create a holiday SMS campaign. Step-by-step guide. Part 2

    Meet the continuation of articles about holiday SMS campaigns. From this part, you will know types of databases, how to estimate your client database and what you should do with it, how to choose what to offer to clients for the holidays, and much more. Read the article to create a successful SMS campaign.

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