comments 28.05.2014 Svetlana Zemliankina @ General

Application for SMS sending from iPhone


AtomPark has released a free SMS-sending application for the iOS operating system. Using this application will allow you to send SMS campaigns directly from your iPhone or iPad. You’re no longer tied to your computer! All you need in order to send SMS messages are a mobile Internet/Wi-Fi connection, and your phone.

comments 27.05.2014 Eugenia Bondarenko @ Email Marketing News

Yahoo DMARC Changes/”Message not accepted for policy reasons”


Learn about Yahoo’s recent changes to DMARC policy and what they mean for email service providers.

comments 26.05.2014 Eugenia Bondarenko @ Email Marketing

Sparrows, cryonics and progressive rock: facts about email-newsletters


A selection of interesting facts about email newsletters and how they have changed through the course of history.

comments 30.04.2014 Evgeniy Kralich @ Email Marketing

Bouncy Ball: Email Bounces and Their Types

rubber band ball

If you’ve been into email marketing for at least one day, there’s no way you haven’t dealt with email bounces. In fact, most of internet users who use email encounter bounced emails on daily basis. Let’s take a loot at what kind of bounces there are and what we can do about them.

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Improve Email Deliverability: 6 Important Rules

wild gunman

When you shoot, you want to hit something, when you send emails to a large list of recipients, you want them to receive your email. We are going to talk about the most important things that will help your email hit the target.

comments 06.03.2014 Svetlana Zemliankina @ Email Marketing

How to write a subject line that works like a magnet


The first thing that the subscriber sees when opening your mail is the subject line. The more it will intrigue the customer, the more likely that your newsletter will be opened and read.

comments 21.02.2014 Svetlana Zemliankina @ Email List Building

How to build an email list without becoming a jerk

Today we are going to talk a little bit more about legal email list building and find out how to build an email list in a healthy white-hat fashion, so that nobody wants you dead the next day after you send your newsletters (or spam emails, if you are one of those guys).