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    7 Ways to Find Leads That You Are Ashamed Not to Know

    Lead generation is an integral element of your lead management, a marketing tactic aimed at finding potential customers with specific contact information. Actively used in the consumer sector, and focused on strict target groups, it’s an effective tool for potential customer search.

    Digital Marketing Webinars That You Can’t Skip

    We prepare a list of new and effective webinars, so you are able to improve your skills. Let’s start together!

    How to find emails: Best email scraping practices 2020

    The email list is the ground of an email campaign. Collecting email addresses isn’t a simple task for both newcomers and professionals. Finding emails becomes harder each day. In this article, we’ve collected the best tips for searching for email addresses. Read the article and collect emails without any problems!

    Proven Tips How to Develop Successful Email Drip Campaigns in 2023

    A drip campaign is a good way for brands to send special offers and specific information to a target audience without spending the whole day monitoring these communications.

    5 Life Hacks of Atomic SMS Sender: Make Full Use of Bulk SMS Service

    In this article, we will tell you more about the service possibilities you probably might not know. So, stay with us to discover the life hacks for using SMS senders to the fullest.

    Unsubscribe link: To Be or Not to Be

    Unfortunately, sometimes clicking the subscribe button is inevitable. And if this has already happened, and you need to make the process simpler and more comfortable, read on how to improve your unsubscribe from the mailing list with us.

    How to Segment Email List to Increase CTR

    According to HubSpot, “marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.” In email marketing, dividing a database into groups is called segmentation. Everyone’s looking for the top criteria for email segmentation that ensures a high CTR (click-through rate) for your email campaigns. When you take into account target groups, the emails will be more specific: you will talk about what is interesting to each person & increase your email open rates.  What’s CTR? Your subscribers can be divided into groups to increase the effectiveness of messages. Delivra gives an average email click-through rate of 3.57% across […]

    How dangerous is your email database? Caution toxic!

    The Email database is a fundament of a mass mailing campaign. We prepare the test to help you to check whether your email list is high-quality. Furthermore, we give some tips how to improve it.

    “Affiliate Program: What’s that and how to make money on it?” an Interview with Affiliate manager

    Affiliate programs become more and more popular nowadays. There are many companies that propose users to promote their goods and get money for that. We aren’t an exception. Our affiliate manager tells what affiliate marketing is and how to earn on that.

    Pitfalls of the Cheap SMS Services: Trap for Scrooge

    Mobile marketing is in good progress and increases at a rapid rate. Of course as in any business, among lots of opportunities for bulk SMS features happens fraud and unlawful acts. People who wish to send an enormous amount of text messages for peanuts are more likely to fall prey to SMS fraud. We are going to tell you about hidden pitfalls, illusive cheap SMS and potential traps. Forewarned is Forearmed. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

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